Annual Health Check

Preventative medicine is our goal at Carlyle Vets.  As you know pets age 7 years to every one of our years, so for them time really does fly and things can change quickly! 


To keep your pet healthy, an annual health check with your vet is one of the most important services we can provide.   During this check, we carry out a full physical examination, allowing us to pick up on medical problems early such as dental disease.  Vaccination requirements and parasite control are assessed and we will take this opportunity to ask questions about how your pet is doing at home and you can discuss any problems/concerns you may have.  


We take our client education seriously and your pet’s annual health check is the best opportunity we have to update you on the most current concepts in veterinary medicine.


Your vaccination card is a legal document and needs to be up to date. It is very important to bring your card when you bring your pet in for his annual check and vaccinations.


If you miss a booster vaccination or yearly vaccination, please let us know so we can give your pet the best care possible.