Best Practice Accredited Clinic

Why choose a BESTPRACTICE clinic?


Carlyle Vet Clinic is one of the elite clinics in New Zealand that have been accredited as a Best Pratice Clinic.


BESTPRACTICE takes the risk out of choosing a veterinary practice.  You can be sure you'll get quality care at Carlyle Vet Clinic's BESTPRACTICE accredited clinic.


When you choose Carlyle Vet clinic you can be sure of excellence in the following areas:


  • Care: staff who care about you and your pet.

  • Service: staff are well-presented professionals available for 24-hour emergency service.

  • Training: all staff are professionally trained and experienced in veterinary medicine, surgery, animal health and welfare, have access to up-to-date materials, and are allocated time to ensure continuing professional development.

  • Facilities: the veterinary clinic has modern, well-maintained facilities and equipment in an environment that is comfortable and safe for you and your pet.

  • Information: the clinic has well-organised data storage systems to ensure your pet's health records can be easily accessed and updated.

  • Safety: any medication dispensed is clearly labelled and appropriately packaged, so you know exactly how and when to medicate your pet.


And because BESTPRACTICE is currently a voluntary programme, you know when you choose Carlyle Vets that we stand by our excellence because we volunteer to be audited every two years.