COVID-19 UPDATE:​ 2021

What You Need to Know about Level 3 and Your Pet

As of Wednesday 1 September 2021 we are able to provide normal services for your pet.  However, it must be done in a 'contactless' and 'safe' environment.  Our door is closed and you must phone if you require any treatment or to collect food, flea, wormers or repeat prescriptions so that our staff can advise you of the protocols..


We will operate teleconsultations for any condition that our staff consider can be handled in this way.  All conditions that require a veterinarian to see your pet will be carried out under the same conditions as in Level 4. 


We will be carrying out normal surgery and have a full staff of veterinarians working from Wednesday.


We will also be contacting any clients who have had surgery or consultations including annual health checks and vaccinations, deferred over the past 2 weeks, during the next few days to offer you a rescheduled time.  


If you have a question regarding your pets health and unsure whether you need to be seen please phone and discuss this with our staff who can assist you.    

For all emergencies after hours phone 835 1096 which will connect you to the on call veterinarian.

Thank you for your understanding and continued loyalty.