Arthritis Campaign June 2022


When dogs feel their age

In many ways, dogs are like their owners. As they get older, they start to suffer from aches and pains they never experienced when they were young – no wonder they start to slow down!

As with humans, the cause of aches and pains in senior dogs is often arthritis. But unlike their owners, senior dogs can’t call their doctor and make an appointment when they start to “feel their age”. They seldom let their owners know, either, as the condition develops slowly.

The vets at Carlyle Veterinary Clinic have seen numerous dramatic results and owners report vastly improved quality of life in arthritic dogs when the appropriate medication is used.

Throughout the month of June, the team at Carlyle Vet Clinic have a special focus on senior pets whose owners feel their senior citizen furry friend may be suffering from arthritis.


Make an appointment to see your favourite Carlyle Vet and if your dog is in fact developing arthritis there are take-home packs for clients and if appropriate, a Free trial course of medication.

Don't delay - make a time in June now to check out your senior pet to ensure they are comfortable and pain free from arthritis this winter.

Watch the dramatic results from this case study on video kindly supplied by Boehringer Ingelheim.

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