Heart ECG Alivecor Monitor and Diagnostic Tool

We use a mobile Veterinary ECG and heart monitor which snaps onto our iphone and gives an immediate and a highly accurate indication of whether your pet’s heart rate and rhythm is normal.  With this rapid and accurate diagnosis AliveCor is extremely important in emergency and critical care situations. 


The ability to have this readily accessible device in the consultation room without stress or shaving on most animals, is a vital tool in assisting our vets in the diagnostic work up of heart conditions and other diseases which may affect the heart.


We routinely test pets pre operatively prior to administering anaesthetics to ensure we do everything possible to minimise the risk to your pets health.    


The ECG is stored on your patients file and can be printed out or if indicated shared with veterinary heart Specialists for further diagnosis.   

Carlyle Vets – at the ‘cutting edge’ with the latest technology in diagnosis and treatment for pets in Napier.