Carlyle Veterinary Clinic for Napier Pets

Carlyle Vet has been a part of the Napier pet community for many years. We offer a variety of services aimed at improving the lives of local animals.

Our veterinarians, nurses and other staff members are professional, friendly and dedicated and look forward to being of service to you. Our services offered include far more than emergency treatment of injuries and illness. We believe in the lifetime care needed to give your pet the best start in life and continued support over the years.

We offer initial vaccinations and annual boosters as well as parasite control. We have onsite pathology for rapid diagnosis to enable us to start treatment sooner and hopefully improve the outcome where possible. Our dentistry service includes cleaning teeth and gums, removal of damaged teeth when needed, sorting out injuries or abscesses in the mouth area and more to help your pet have a better quality of life.

If you’ve not visited us before feel free to stop by to see our facilities and ask any questions you may have about how we offer the best care for pets.

Carlyle Vet has been a part of the Napier pet community, fostering a strong connection over numerous years. Our range of services is broad to ensure the well-being of local animals.

Within our team, you’ll find a cadre of veterinarians, nurses, and dedicated staff who exude professionalism, amiability, and an unwavering commitment to assisting you and your pets. Our array of services includes general and emergency care, encompassing the belief in nurturing your pet throughout its life journey, providing optimal support from new pets to seniors.

Immunization forms a cornerstone of our offerings, spanning initial vaccinations to annual boosters, alongside comprehensive parasite control. Equipped with on-site pathology, we ensure swift diagnoses, facilitating prompt treatment initiation to deliver favourable outcomes. Our dentistry provisions encompass not only teeth and gum cleaning but also the extraction of decayed teeth, resolution of oral injuries, abscesses, and more, all aimed at elevating your pet’s quality of life.

If our doors have yet to welcome you, we invite you to acquaint yourself with our facilities. Feel free to contact us with any queries you might have about our approach to delivering paramount care for your beloved pets.

Some great features of our vet clinic include:

Being located in Napier our clinic is a popular choice for pets from; Bluff Hill, Marewa, Napier, Onekawa, Pirimai, Taradale and surrounding areas.