Looking after
your senior pet

When is a pet classified as being senior or mature?

Dogs and cats are considered to be mature adults once they turn 7 years old. Large breed dogs age more quickly and are considered mature at 5-6 years of age.

What are some of the signs of ageing that a pet owner should look out for?

A pet owner may notice changes to the pet’s appearance such as some grey hairs appearing. Pets may also develop hearing loss and reduced vision.

Even if a mature pet does not outwardly appear old, certain changes are progressively taking place. These include changes in their organ systems such as their immune system, digestive system and certain behavioural changes. Behavioural changes include things like changes in their interactions with the family, changes in thinking and becoming confused about where the door is or where their bed is. It can be alterations in their sleeping patterns and toileting accidents when they were previously well toilet-trained. And with advancing age there is also an increased risk of many age-related complications and disorders. Click here to read more about signs that are not normal age related changes.