Arthritis Campaign June 2022


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Your Best Friend Could Be In Pain But Can’t Tell You.


It can be easy to confuse the signs of arthritis with old age. But when your cat loses interest in playing and jumping, gives up on grooming and starts sleeping more, they’re not simply aging; they’re often suffering.


Arthritis is a condition that affects up to 1 in 3 cats (1). It can affect not only a cat’s mobility, but their quality of life. Fortunately arthritis can be managed.

Possible signs of arthritis:


Changes in routine:

-Unwilling to jump/climb stairs

-Hesitant to play/initiate play

-Unable to climb into their basket

-Increased time sleeping

-Unwilling to go out


Changes in hygiene:

-Poor grooming/matted hair

-Inappropriate urination/not using litter tray


Changes in character:

-Biting/vocalisation when stroked


-Reduced interest in people and their environment

-Loss of normal interaction with other cats

-Just not themselves


Our Veterinary team at Carlyle Vets have a medication available that has been formulated especially for cats. It works to reduce the inflammation and pain associated with arthritis and you should notice the difference within a matter of days.


With on-going treatment your cat has the best chance of doing all those things they love. Climbing, jumping, playing all become easier over time. And they’ll be brighter in themselves.


Throughout the month of June, we are focusing on senior pets whose owners feel their senior citizen furry friend may be suffering from arthritis. Make an appointment to see your favourite Carlyle Vet and if your cat is in fact developing arthritis there are take-home packs for clients and if appropriate, a Free trial course of medication.


Don't delay - make a time in June now to help reduce the pain your cat could be suffering from, so they can do the things they love again.


Watch the dramatic results from this case study on video kindly supplied by Boehringer Ingelheim.

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