Receptionists and Admin
Ann Sheeran
Ann Sheeran

Reception Manager

Ann has been with us here at Carlyle Vets since 1997.   Her main role is reception, however in the last few years she has expanded this to include the scheduling of farm work and retailing farm products.

Ann also shares responsibility for creditor management and steps into the financial management role when needed.  Her job is always varied and unpredictable, as we never know from day to day what and who is going to come through the door.  Ann enjoys meeting people and has always worked in positions dealing with the public.  She prides herself in always trying to exceed our customers expectations.

Ann and her husband Kevin have been married since 1975.  They have two sons, Aaron in Tauranga and Ryan their second son who lives and works in the engineering field in Napier.  

Ann's interests include gardening—her and Kevin grow all their own vegetables and have a beautiful flower garden, cooking, exercise and at the weekends they both enjoy biking.

Julie Valler
Julie Valler

Puppy Pre School Trainer

Julie first started at Carlyle Vet Clinic in 2001 as a trainee Vet Nurse and in 2007 took maternity leave when she had her daughter Kristina, returned to work part time until Tamzyn was born in 2011. In early 2019 Julie resigned due to health reasons but still continues to be our Puppy Preschool Trainer.


She really enjoys working with animals and began her career as a 'land girl' for a lcoal farmer.  


As an instructor at the Napier Dog Training Club and long time competitor in both obedience and agility, Julie was the perfect choice to run our Puppy Preschool classes which she has been doing since 2004.  "It is very rewarding to see the improvement in a Puppy's behaviour and the confidence that owners and their families get from attending the classes".


Sharon Grant

Recall Coordinator

Sharon joined the team in April 2013 to spearhead a new initiative to contact our clients following consultaitons and surgeries.  This role has expanded to include coordinating our weight clinic, a position she takes very seriously and supports clients who are committed to getting thier pet to their optimum weight and increasing the chances of a long and healthy life.


Sharon has lived all her life in Napier and has been breeding purebred Labrador Retrievers since 1995.  In addition, Sharon has shown and bred horses and ponies.  She is married to Colin and has 1 daughter, Candace and 3 delightful granddaughters. 


Sharon was the Administrator at Otatara Childrens Centre for 18 years and made the decision to take a career change to indulge in her passion for animals.  She has wide experience in dealing with people from all walks of life and is enjoying the variety that this position offers.


"I really enjoy talking to you and hearing about the progress and recovery of your pets after their visit to us."

Pippa Lintott

Business Manager and Owner

Pippa has worked in management roles for a most of her working life and has been with us since 1996.   As the overall Manager of the business her role encompasses marketing, financial management, inventory control, IT and human resources. 

As co-owner of the business and Michael’s wife, Pippa frequently accompanies him  after hours and really enjoys going out on farm work when the opportunity arises– ‘great to get out from behind the desk.’

She is a conscientious, hard working manager who takes pride in ensuring that we always provide you with the best possible outcome. 

Pippa's interests include travel, running and combined with her love of the Hungarian Vizsla is often seen running Napier's pathways accompanied by these beautiful gundogs.  She breeds and shows the Vizsla's which is a great way to combine a love of the breed and socialising with friends. 

Mike and Pippa have 3 grown up sons - all in New Zealand; Matthew and his wife Lucy with 2 beautiful grandchildren, Flynn and Anna plus Colby the cat, Chris and Claud who have a delightful daughter Ella and Paddy with another gorgeous son, Van plus Moomoo.

“I am passionate about your pet's health and wellness and always try to ensure our clinic has the best equipment, services and staff on offer in Hawkes Bay."