Theatre Monitoring

In addition to our qualified Vet’s and Nurse’s knowledge, our practice also hosts a large range of modern monitoring and diagnostic equipment. 

Patient monitoring  includes; Continuous ECG Heart Trace and Respiratory monitoring, Pulse Oximetry, High Definition Oscillometry (blood pressure monitor) and breathing movement monitor mattress in recovery.  

This monitoring combined with new, safer anaesthetic drugs is aimed at achieving the best possible outcome for your pet.

High Definition Oscillometry


This is a non invasive method to monitor blood pressure.   It is possible to obtain blood pressure readings off the tail, even in awake ferrets!!!

Pulse Oximetry


A non invasive device that uses a light sensor to measure the amount of oxygen in your pet’s blood.  It continuously displays the percentage of oxygen in the blood and an audible beep sounds with every heart beat.

A healthy body should never fall below 95% oxygen saturation, and the pulse oximeter can detect changes as small as 1%.

This allows our surgical team to

Continuous Heart & Respiratory Monitoring


The monitor gives a continuous visual and audio display of your pet’s heart rate and rhythm for detection of arrhythmias and allows us to very precisely adjust the depth of anaesthesia.

The Ap Alert  alerts us each time your pet takes a breath and also when they have not taken a breath in an allotted time period.